Fully Customized
Orthotic Insoles

Meet the next generation of personalized Orthotic Insoles

We have developed a latticed solution for a fully customizable, durable and adaptable 3D printed insole, tailor-made for the patient.

3D printed insoles, made of a single bio-compatible, highly elastic, tear resistant and resilient material, use lattices to modify and differentiate the properties of the diversified areas.

Our software technology enables podiatrist to quickly and reliably implement their diagnosis into a state-of-the-art lattices for their 3D printed insoles.

Our Process

We have taken great efforts to streamline our process and make the experience as smooth and user-friendly as possible. We will take you and accompany you from start to finish in the design process of every insole

Submit the Case

You can provide us with all the data we need to design the perfect insole for your patient.

Our Platform
Generate Fully
Lattice Orthotic
Our Work

Using state-of-the-art software, we will design a tailor-made insole to fit your patient's prescription, fully customized according to the data provided

3D Printed
Quality Tested
and Delivered!

Once ready, your insoles can be 3D printed and shipped to the client. It's as simple as that

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Made for Daily Usage

Our insoles are made with the daily user in mind. We realize the rough conditions and mechanical stresses footwear applications have to stand. This is why the elastomeric material our insoles are made with is designed to be tear and wear resistant, and thoroughly tested for resilience and lasting mechanical properties.

3D printed insoles are rigorously tested for biocompatibility, they are also water and chemical resistant, remaining unaffected by the sweat and secretions of the foot, and thereby avoiding odours and deterioration of the product due to humidity. Furthermore, due to the absence of glued layers, they can even be easily cleaned in the washing machine to maintain hygiene and comfort!

Our revolutionary lattice design not only gives our insoles the unique and customizable mechanical properties we are so proud of. The lack of glue or other materials makes our insoles completely breathable, offering an extra level of comfort and hygiene no other product in the market can offer.

Fully Customized

Thanks to our algorithmic design and optimization methods, our orthopedic insoles are tailor-made and fitted to perfection in order to meet each patient's prescription.


Our insoles consist of a single unified lattice struture, that can be 3D printed with avant-garde elastomeric materials. This makes them extremely resilient, tear resistant, and ready for the stress of daily usage and any demanding work or sport activities.

Chemical Resistant

The 3D printing materials we propose for insoles have been tested for chemical resistance, making them invulnerable to both sweat and soap. Being also water resistant, they can be easily washed in the washing machine or by hand!


We propose an elastomeric material that has been thoroughly tested for biocompatibility, assuring the best medical standard for our products and safety for all your patients.


Thanks to their open lattice structure, our insoles are fully breathable, avoiding the accumulation of sweat and toxins which may cause odours and facilitating their cleaning and drying.

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