Lattices as a Service

Empowering Teams

Conscious that lattices are still a rare expertise, we encourage our customers to outsource non-core competencies, reallocating resources in what they do best. Let us take care of the rest!

Additive manufacturing needs to make sense. This means beating the cost model comparison against traditional manufacturing methods in serial production scenarios. Lattices are the ultimate solution to the additive manufacturing paradigm, creating structures that satisfy mechanical requirements while challenging traditional strength/weight ratio issues.

Accompanying You

Most existing lattice packages exclusively attend to the final parts without considering the processes required to manufacture them. Key steps such as support removing, washing/cleaning, thermal curing, sintering etc. are often forgotten in the lattice implementation process.
Failure to measure problems leads to unsuccesful solutions

This is why we have developed LaaS, where we encourage firms to focus on their core-competencies, reallocating their resources in what they do best, partnering with their teams, helping them to leverage what the lattice solution can do for their business.

Thinking Ahead

Our design proposals attend not only to the printing process, but to optimizing downstream processing. This is often responsible for failed feasibility due to weak, non-repeatable, hand-labor operations.

Many firms are not aware of how to leverage lattice solutions in their designs. Neither do they have the resources to grow expertise in-house.

Let us take care of the job!

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